Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Hello and welcome to our blog. We have opened our mother daughter shop HOUSE OF WILLOW selling our Exquisite and unique hand knit pieces. We love to work with silver and gold plated wire. All of our jewellery is finished off with vibrant semi-precious stones and vintage beads.

It was a jewellery line that came about through my love of jewellery making and turquoise and my mothers love of knitting and vintage beads and buttons. We kind of naturally came together to create our shop.

Here are some pieces from our first collection:

Silver Knitted Turquoise Ring

Silver Knitted Orange Ring

Silver Knitted Aventurine Ring

Silver Knitted Aventurine Earrings

Silver Knitted Aventurine Earrings

Silver Knitted Beaded Earring

Silver Knitted Beaded Earrings


  1. I wanted to say again that background makes your photos just glow on the page beautiful

  2. Congrats...and welcome to the world of cyberspace!

  3. As someone who'd tried my hand at crocheting wire jewelry, all I can say is bravo. These are exquisite. Best wishes on your shop.